Life Coaching: Case Study

Susie says: I worked with Meg over a number of sessions – and she made impressive progress during that time. She wrote this description of the work we did together – and has kindly allowed me to quote it here:

“I went to see Susie for a series of life coaching sessions when I was in a crisis with my business. The need to take greater control of my business was the main reason for seeking help. It felt as if I was spiralling downwards and becoming more vulnerable with the range of my varied responsibilities.

Susie was immediately both reassuring and empowering and I felt able to unburden my load without feeling judged or embarrassed. This was really helpful and helped to get some clarity in my chaos.

Through her careful guidance I was able to identify key areas that were preventing me from moving forward. I was also able to recognise patterns that belong to old habits that have been acquired along the way.

The ability to be able to talk openly and honestly about some very personal issues along with a very practical and grounded approach in how to confront these issues was a great combination. All too often we get a singular approach, counselling or mentoring. The mixing of both enabled me to get a much greater insight into how we get tangled up in our own difficulties and why we can’t move on.

As a result I felt that the action plans I evolved with Susie were achievable based on what I both felt and thought I could manage.

Coaching with Susie taught me to confront my issues with greater confidence and therefore the impact has been so much more effective.

I found Susie’s help invaluable. Getting help at the time I needed it has made an ongoing impact on the way I manage my life and work. I have managed to separate home and work, take responsibility for what is mine and be much more proactive in taking control of my business.

Empowerment and belief in my capability to carry out the changes needed as and when they arise have been the hallmark of my work with Susie.

I can’t recommend her highly enough and I am deeply grateful for her help.”

Meg, Businesswoman, mother & partner




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