Communications reviews

Sometimes, organisations want to take a step back and look at how effectively their communications are helping them achieve their goals. I can review your communications as a whole or focus on a particular area, for example:

  • external communications
  • internal communications
  • websites
  • social media
  • e-newsletters.

I start by asking you to explain what your organisation aims to achieve. With an understanding of your strategic goals, I can then review your communications to see how effectively they are helping you achieve your goals, and make recommendations about how you could improve them.

This process involves clarifying your audiences and the tools you are using. I can create a survey to investigate what your audiences think of you in a mainly quantitative way and carry out interviews or focus groups to explore this in a more qualitative way. I will benchmark with peer organisations and with best practice.

Experience & qualifications

I have worked on websites since 1995, the early days of the web in the UK. Until September 2005 I was New Media Manager at Amnesty International UK (which is what we called ‘digital’ at the time!) and helped establish their original website in 1995 and develop it over the next 10 years.

I have an MA in Electronic Communications & Publishing from University College, London, and wrote my dissertation on digital campaigns.

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What sort of digital consultancy do I do?

A great deal of my work has been with the not-for-profit sector, helping organisations make the best possible use of their digital communications. I have also work with commercial businesses, locally, nationally and internationally.

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Skills, experience & expertise

My main skills, experience and expertise lie in:

  • Managing & carrying out strategic reviews of communications

My clients have included BOND, Cleveland Pools Trust and Jamie’s Farm.

  • Developing and writing web and digital strategies

My clients have included Child Rights Connect, MAF UK, National Autistic Society and Send a Cow.

  • Training in digital writing, web content management systems and using social media (for example, Writing effectively for digital, Using WordPress, Using social media to win work, Using social media (for Trustees and senior leaders).

My clients have included Mind, Buro Happold, Fastn and Play Wales. My Training & Facilitation page gives more information about this.

  • Facilitating meetings and consultations as part of digital strategy or development processes.

My Training & Facilitation page gives more information about this.

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Digital consultancy costs vary according to what you need. Please get in touch for further details.

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